Why are you doing this?

You bet I haven't asked me that myself?

The answer is of course that QT is on a mission from the evil powers to corrupt the Scandinavian youth by luring them to listen to punk and garage rock.

What is the Disc Machine?

Disc Machine is the modern digital twin website to Rottenburgh Records. And as Rottenburgh is vinyl only and it sometimes happens, that record collecting old men need shiny silvery discs too, just like an ordinary teenage kid, it felt better to launch a CD website on the side.

Do you have a 24 or 48 hour answering service?

To tell the sad truth: NO!

QT is an amateur and doing this as a hobby. QT also maintains a job, and everybody knows how much time a job can steal from the fun things in life. Bear with it, please, this is done for fun.

What happens if I write and reserve records and then flunks to send payment for them? isn't just that you won't get any records sent to you, hair will also start to grow inside your palms and on your tounge to expose and reveal to other people what kind of a sad person you are.

And if you don't believe it, what really happens is that the records you have asked us to reserve get laying on a shelf for 3 weeks and other nice people will be unable to buy them. And that's annoying both to us and to the rest of the customers.

So if you flunk to send payment just once, be prepared that we're gonna ask you if you've shaved your palms and tounge the next time you try ordering from us. Ha!