The Disc Machine may not haver been linked by anybody else but some nice people have made links from their pages to the Rottenburgh site which is of course both appreciated and granted by the same favour in return:

N The Johnny Thunders Cyber Lounge

N Mojo's WILD BLOOD page

N Part-time Posers a really good punk rock band from Stockholm, buy their records!

N No Rule fanzine

N Japp Rock

N Bootleg Booze Records a very nice little label, buy their records!

N Noise of Reality a really good band, buy their records!

N The German punk rock radio theatre play We're a happy family

N Fandango Records a really good American record label, buy their records!

N Bordertown a friendly shop well worth a visit for comics, videos, dvd and toys

N Sveriges Bästa Skivmässor info about some record fairs in Sweden

N Search and Destroy the punk rock search engine.

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