Welcome to Vinyl Hell, where bad records go when they die!


First of all it has to be made clear that Rottenburgh Records is not a mailorder business. This site is run by a record collecting old man who is cleaning some records out of his cupboards. As there always is a lot of other stuff to take care of like work and family, the fastest service in the world can not always be provided, please bear with that.

The web page works like this: below are clickable links that indicate what part of the world or what style the artists or records belong to. The second hand records are in great shape, except a few which are in lesser great shape, although never so bad that they skip or jump. There are also a whole bunch of records that have laid around without getting played.

All prices in US$. Please drop an email if you wanna buy or ask something.

Cheers/ QT Rottenburgh.